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Preventive medicine Brussels, multidisciplinary medical and paramedical center - Medicis

1150 Bruxelles

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The Health Testing Centre (H.T.C.) is a sub department of Medicis that specializes in health assessment. It is located in the same building as Medicis is, near Montgomery.
Protect your health and well-being


Our set of tests allow us to analyze and assess your health. Based on the data these tests produce, we then propose several practical guidelines to help you improve your health and make sure you stay healthy in the future. Should it be necessary, we will conduct further investigation and follow-up exams. 


We also provide evaluations of the effectiveness of medical treatments. 


Appraisal of the H.T.C.


By checking your health periodically, you greatly increase the chances of detecting

diseases early. The earlier diseases are detected, the more effective treatments will be and the higher your chances of recovery are.


Our programmes are designed to serve a variety of target groups.  

All tests and examinations are conducted by specialists , and a complete programme takes 3 hours.

In order to make your examination run as smoothly as possible we recommend you to follow these useful instructions.



Opening Hours

MON 08:00-19:45
TUE 08:00-19:45
WED 08:00-19:45
THU 08:00-19:45
FRI 08:00-19:45


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